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Get back to living with less joint pain

We are here with you – we’re not going anywhere. You can still get the personalized joint replacement care you need, when you need it at Ascension St. Vincent's in Birmingham, Alabama.

Ascension St. Vincent's

Joint care personalized for you

Age, arthritis and injury are all possible reasons for joint pain. Living with joint pain can stop you from enjoying the things you love. That's why our orthopedic specialists and care teams take the time to listen and understand you and your joint pain. By working with you, together we'll create a personalized plan that's right for you.    

orthopedic nurse navigators understand your care needs and are here to help you throughout your joint replacement journey. Our care team is here for you for doctor visits before your surgery, during surgery and through your recovery. We help manage your pain, and help you walk and move after surgery. We'll teach you exercises and show you how to care for your surgical incision. You and your family will learn about care at home after surgery. We are with you every step of the way.

Take the next step toward living with less joint pain

First, talk with your doctor and schedule your joint replacement surgery. Then, our joint care team at Ascension St. Vincent’s Joint Camp will help you learn how to get ready for your surgery. You will also learn what to expect from orthopedic surgery and therapy. We’ll discuss exercises, physical therapy, what to expect after you are home, and more.

Ascension St. Vincent’s Joint Camp seminars are held regularly each week. All are welcome to attend at any time. 

About Ascension St. Vincent’s

In Birmingham, Alabama, Ascension St. Vincent’s operates five hospitals in addition to several healthcare facilities and employs more than 4,800 associates. Across the region, St. Vincent’s Health System provided more than $57.8 million in community benefit and care of persons living in poverty in fiscal year 2016. Serving Birmingham for over 118 years, Ascension is a faith-based healthcare organization committed to delivering compassionate, personalized care to all, with special attention to persons living in poverty and those most vulnerable. Ascension is one of the leading non-profit and Catholic health systems in the U.S., operating 2,600 sites of care – including 151 hospitals and more than 50 senior living facilities – in 20 states and the District of Columbia. Learn more about Ascension.

Talk to the orthopedic specialists at Ascension St. Vincent’s

At Ascension St. Vincent’s, we take a personalized approach to orthopedic care. We give you the information you need to know before your joint replacement or revision surgery, including how to prepare and exercises to do.  

In Birmingham, Alabama, Ascension St. Vincent’s is recognized as a “Center of Excellence” for robotic-assisted joint replacement surgeries. Our experienced orthopedic specialists use the latest imaging technologies and surgical techniques. Many of our patients report a higher level of function and better pain control. To help you recover at home after surgery, we have physical and occupational therapies. Our specialized rehabilitation program can help restore and improve function, and can help you can get back to doing the things you love. 

Getting the right care at the right time is critical for your health. Find a doctor and ask if a virtual or telehealth visit is available for your first visit. 

Woman has knee examined by an orthopedic doctor. 



Is it time to consider joint replacement surgery?

Shoulder, knee and hip pain can keep you from the simple things in life, such as climbing the stairs, walking outdoors on a beautiful day, or spending time with family and friends. Keeping up with daily tasks can be difficult when you have joint pain that stops you from moving.

If your joint pain is affecting your daily life, it may be time to think about shoulder, knee or hip replacement surgery.

Does your joint pain:

  • Keep you awake at night?
  • Cause you to limp when you walk?
  • Make you feel stiff and swollen?
  • Cause you to fall? How often?

If yes, joint replacement surgery may be right for you.

Nurse encourages woman receiving orthopedic rehabilitation.

Larry's Journey
Larry is an astronaut, avid bowler, and ultra-competitor. When he had a knee replacement at Ascension St. Vincent's in Birmingham, he recovered like a champ. 

Life after joint replacement

Brenda's Journey
Brenda was having trouble getting through the grocery store without resting before her double knee replacement put her back on her bicycle and back to her regular activity. 

Compassionate care means safe care. At Ascension St. Vincent's, our commitment is to keeping you and your family safe while you’re receiving care in our ERs, hospitals, clinics and facilities. We have strong safety precautions in place--such as limiting visitors, staggering appointments, rearranging waiting rooms, making more online appointments available, and performing rigorous procedures to clean and disinfect. Don’t delay getting the care you need at this time. 

Balancing care with caution 

How to get a second opinion for joint replacement 

Whether you’re dealing with joint pain or you're considering joint replacement surgery, there’s a lot to think about. If you’re looking for a second opinion, orthopedic specialists at Ascension St. Vincent's are here for you.

We can help match you with the right orthopedic doctor or surgeon. Ask if a virtual or telehealth visit is available for your second opinion appointment. 

Before your appointment, you should check with your insurance company to find out if a second opinion is covered or required. Ascension St. Vincent's can request your medical records from your doctor on your behalf, so that they can be shared with your care team before your arrival.

Woman has knee examined by an orthopedic doctor. 

Yvette's Journey
Yvette's knee pain was excruciating and kept her from enjoying her daily activities. Her total knee replacement gave her relief from pain and strength to get back in the kitchen, making delicious treats for family and friends. 

Betty's Journey
Betty has a passion for sewing, making beautiful clothing and gowns. Rotator cuff surgery allowed her to sew again without pain. 

Alan's Journey
A family vacation made it obvious to Alan that he needed joint replacement surgery if he wanted to continue to be able to fully enjoy spending time with his grandchildren.

Get the care you need now. We are fully prepared for your safety when you're in our care.